Antique Limestone Fireplace FPHD.1237

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Reference #: FPHD.1237


Limestone Fireplace FPHD-1237_A
Limestone Fireplace FPHD-1237_A
Limestone Fireplace FPHD-1237_B
Limestone Fireplace FPHD-1237_C
Limestone Fireplace FPHD-1237_D

Dimensions:   OUT: H-45.25" x W-55.25" x D-11.75"        IN: H-39.25" x W-43.5"


Style: Country   Period: 19th Century.

Antique limestone Fireplace from France. This French Country style limestone Fireplace is reclaimed from the South of France. It was once painted and all the paint as been removed leaving a unique finish.