Fireplace Antique FPHD.1244

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Reference #: FPHD.1244


Limestone Fireplace FPHD-1244_A
Limestone Fireplace FPHD-1244_A
Limestone Fireplace FPHD-1244_B
Limestone Fireplace FPHD-1244_C
Limestone Fireplace FPHD-1244_D

Dimensions:   OUT: H- 53.5" x W- 60" x D-23.5"        IN: H-45.5" x W-53.5"


 Style: Louis XVI   Period: 18th Century.

Antique limestone Fireplace mantel with a commanding stance from France. This French Louis XVI style limestone Fireplace has beautiful outward curved legs and  mantel. It is reclaimed from the Loire Valley in France.