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Charme d'Antan Products

If you are sensitive to the charm of ancient days, you can rely on Charme d'Antan to provide an exceptional craft quality, achieved by the know-how of expert teams with a great experience in stone ageing and patina. Each of our natural fountains or fireplaces is unique in its production to convey authenticity, charm and character


Antique and reproduction garden ornaments

Traditionally "source of life", fountains were an essential element in the life of villages of the South of France. It is with the same know-how and expertise, that modern artisans hand-carve the local limestone to bring to life these unique elements of the past. Original statuary, basins, wishing wells, and planters also bring character and uniqueness to our modern comfort.

Antique and reproduction fireplace surrounds

Hand-carved by French artisans centuries ago, or custom-made with the same know-how, our fireplace surrounds bring warmth and elegance to your home.

Architectural elements, ironwork and salvaged terra cotta flooring

Antique garden gates or modern designs, wrought iron pergolas, bring the unique atmosphere of a House in Provence, where outdoor living is a way of life

Country European furniture, fine antiques, and rare objects

The alliance of modern design and rustic furniture. Tables, chairs, chandeliers, rare items.  

Charme d’Antan is a source for inspiration and harmony. Each object waits for your vision to bring character, harmony and serenity into your home and garden.