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At the Poterie de la Madeleine, each and every Terra Cotta Clay Anduze Vase is hand-made by a potter in the traditional manner.

The hand-modeling of the clay and the signature seal-and-garland motif are guarantees of the authenticity of an Anduze La Madeleine Vase Made in France.

La Madeleine D'Anduze Planter A.LM.301

  • Traditional Clay garden vase with Flame glazed finish. Available in 5 sizes.


    Size N.0- H 41.25" x D 35.5"      Weight 297 lbs

    Size N.1 bis- 36.25" x D 32.25"  Weight 220 lbs

    Size N.1- H 31.5" x D 26.75"      Weight 154 lbs

    Size N.2- H 27.5" x D 22"           Weight 110 lbs

    Size N.3- H 21.5" x D18"            Weight   60 lbs

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