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Beautiful Wrought Iron Lantern Lamppost From France.
The Wrought Iron is hand forged to create these beautiful Architectural Lantern lampposts. These Lanterns bare the name from the city where they were used before electricity.
Wonderful French Lanterns that will enhance every location where they are placed.

Very popular. The exact model which equipped the streets of Paris until the adoption of gas lighting in the mid-19th Century. These Lanterns are specially designed to be fixed on top of a pillar. Very spectacular at the entrance gate of an estate.  St. Louis Lamppost lanterns is made of wrought iron.

Lantern Ils St. Louis LR.155

  • St. Louis Lampost - Lanterns LR. 155

    Wall Lanterns in wrought iron from France. Opens from Top.


    Height: 24.80" / 0.63 m     Width: 14.17" / 0.36 m    

    Depth: 14.17" / 0.36 m 


    Total Weight:13.22 lbs / 6kg

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