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We are proud to be able to offer La Madeleine D'Anduze Tera Cotta Glazed  vase, pots, jars and planters. Each and every Anduze Vase is hand-made by a potter in the traditional manner.

The hand-modeling of the clay and the signature seal-and-garland motif are guarantees of the authenticity of an Anduze Vase Made in France.

Clay, water, time and the love of a job well done are the main ingredients necessary for the potters in order to create an authentic Anduze Vase, which, according to it's size, can take from 15 days to a month to dry.

The completion and finishing touches are also done by hand, each vase therefore becomes a unique creation due to the subtle differences of color and finish.

Then comes the delicate firing process which takes another 48 hours. Each Anduze vase is hand-made respecting the time honored tradition of Anduze vase-making, and each vase is dated and signed by the potter.