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"The details are not the details.
They make the design"

- Charles Eames - 

Located in the heart of the Santa Monica Mountains, between the beaches of Malibu and the Valley of Calabasas, on a beautiful 1 acre property within the “Three Magical Miles” area, Charme d’Antan provides, in a calm indoor and outdoor atmosphere, a wide selection of 17th to 20th century architectural elements, antique furniture and rare objects.

Charme d’Antan’s principals grew up in France, their knowledge of craftsmanship or “artisanat”, along with their respect of their ancestor’s work, motivated them to bring this work of time alive into modern homes and gardens. These architectural pieces and antiquities are all reminiscences of the past, and undoubtedly, bring character, uniqueness and elegance to our 21st century homes and gardens. 

Charme d’Antan means “charm from the past” and this is what Charme d’Antan looks for. In their many trips to France and neighboring countries, they look for the elegance and simple country craftsmanship which will bring an historic and warm touch to modern designs. These elements are carefully selected for their uniqueness and character.  

Charme d’Antan has also channeled its knowledge and its network of craftsmen, to create beautiful reproductions of fireplace surrounds, fountains, and garden statuary. If you are sensitive to the charm of former days, we produce an exceptional craft quality, through a whole team know-how, and a great experience in the ageing and patina. Each model is unique in its creation.  These pieces are created with the authenticity of the local material and the savoir-faire of ancient French craftsmen. 

Reach us in a landscape of harmony between stone and vegetation.

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